If You Find A Better Deal, We’ll Beat It:

Yes, that’s right – we’ll BEAT it. We’re so proud of our low prices and great selection that if you find another authorized online dealer with a better deal, we’ll beat it by at least 10% as a way of saying “Thanks for pointing that out!”. And, that applies to any stock designer drapery hardware on our site, any maker, any product. If someone else has a better deal – we want to know and we’ll give you an extra 10% off that item for pointing it out to us!

Go ahead, shop around. If we don’t have the best prices – just give us a call and we’ll make it right! …and give you something extra for your trouble!

Price Match Honored At Time Of Purchase:

Make sure to contact us with a Price Match request before you place your order. We can only honor the price guarantee at the time of purchase, we can’t give you a credit for an order that you’ve already placed.

Price Match Must Include Shipping Charges:

Some other stores might display a lower item price, but charge a much higher shipping fee to make up the difference. Don’t forget to consider the shipping charges when calculating your Price Match.

Who Isn’t An Authorized Online Dealer:

  • An Online Auction Site
  • A “Member Store” Associated With An Online Auction Site
  • A Merchant Located Outside The United States
  • A Merchant That Requires A Membership Before Ordering
  • An Online Store Without Posted PCI Or Security Validation (Always Verify An Online Merchant’s Security)
  • Any Store That We Can’t Easily Verify The Item Price And Shipping Fees

How To Claim Your Extra Discount:

Just give us a call, or send us a message. Tell us the name of the website with the lower price and the item you are interested in. We’ll check the price – and if their price (plus shipping) is less than ours – we’ll send you a coupon for 10% off that item!